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The Epic Arc is a blog dedicated to exploring stories and their importance in the grand scheme. Human beings need stories perhaps as much as they need air. We think, understand life, and communicate using narrative. In both their composition and content, stories may engage, inspire, challenge, and even break us.

Some of the most powerful stories are some of the oldest…the myths, the epics, folklore, and legend. Some of the most popular genres in contemporary storytelling, fantasy and science fiction, often have their roots in these ancient tales. These, and really all stories, have patterns, archetypes, and arcs which speak to humanity on levels we may not fully understand.

This blog explores the Why. Why do these stories affect us so profoundly? Why do some stories fail in this? What makes a story what it is? Is there more to the story than the story itself?

Kristi Israel is the founder and primary contributor to The Epic Arc. She is a current student of two graduate programs. She studies Communication and Storytelling Studies at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee. She also studies Language and Literature through Signum University, where she is currently focusing on Classical and Medieval Literature, particularly Arthurian legend. Kristi has been fascinated with stories of all kinds since she was a child. In the last decade or so, though, this love has gained intensity as she has focused more on the Why. Her belief in Christ and how God has written His own story across history are at the heart of her love of narrative. All stories are the reflection of the One Story, and The Epic Arc is an exploration of that belief.

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